Won't you join us in the fight against spam?
Do you JHD? (Just Hit Delete) You can, but that is not solving the problem. The only way to get rid of spam (or at least, reduce the amount) is to report the spammer to his ISP. (Internet Service Provider) Get his account cancled! If the Postal Service delivered junk mail to your mailbox and charged you for it you'd complain wouldn't you? Well, you pay for your internet account, your email box, (and when your rates go up this is why) why let spammers drop their trash on your property? Not to mention the fact that they have already stolen the services (bandwidth) of others. (No they don't pay their way)
What about opt-out? NO NEVER Opt-out only proves that your email is a live address making it more valuable. If you didn't opt IN, why should you have to opt OUT?
Spammers would like to see the law allow them to send their "marketing messages" as long as they give you a way to opt out. If that were the case, every business would be allowed to email you.
Well.. there are more than 20,000,000 small businesses in the USA alone.
Suppose that only 1% of them want to send you their advertisement this year.
20,000,000 x 1% = 200,000 emails from businesses that you have to opt OUT of or they can continue to spam you. With 365 days in a year, thats more than 500 emails a day.
Your email address is now useless. You might as well go back to snail mail.
Spamcop has a newsgroup on their own server. You can get lots of help there. The Usenet newsgroups at the bottom of this page are also sources of information, but be warned, they have NO tolerence for spammers.
Join the good fight. Lets take back control of our email boxes!
SpamCop.net - Spam reporting for the masses SpamCop's original spam reporting service will help you report spam quickly and accurately.
Sneakemail Stop spam with Sneakemail, the anonymizer anti spam service and spam filter.
Anti-spam banner Boycott Internet spam!
 Visit SpamCon Foundation Trouble with spam? Visit SpamCon Foundation.
Many online tools to help locate sender of junk mail.
Samspade.org This tool is the original Sam Spade tool.
EmailAbuse.org ... is dedicated to informing users of this potential abuse and providing them with the tools to avoid becoming a victim and to fight back at Email Abusers!
Support anti-Spam legislation.

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